Welcome to the Quandamooka Coast

You are invited to learn of our Aboriginal culture with Quandamooka Coast Tours. Come, experience traditional song and dance as old as time.
On the beautiful sub-tropical sand island of Minjerribah in Quandamooka Country, encounter Koala, Kangaroo, Dolphin or Whale in the wild. Maybe even learn to throw a boomerang and have it come back!

Launching April 2018

Aboriginal Culture Day Cruise

Nunukul Yuggera and Quandamooka Coast are working together to bring you a boat cruise from Brisbane City to North Stradbroke Island.

Our day starts at Meeanjin (the Aboriginal word for Brisbane), with a traditional welcome from the Yuggera People, Brisbane’s first occupants.
On board we wind our way down Maiwar (the majestic and powerful Brisbane River), while Yuggera guides share Dreaming stories of their land and waters.
From Maiwar we leave traditional Yuggera Country and cruise into Quandamooka waters (Moreton Bay) on our way to Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) – the sand island rising out of the sea in the distance.
We are now in Quandamooka Country, the traditional lands and waters of the Quandamooka People for over 20,000 years. This coastal wonderland abounds with beauty and enchanting islands. Moreton Bay is one of the world’s finest expanses of sheltered water.
As the glorious Quandamooka waters unfold around us and Minjerribah’s sand hills beckon, we join in various traditional Aboriginal experiences and practices such as an intimate weaving circle, learning and speaking local Aboriginal language, didgeridoo playing and appreciating ancient Indigenous artefacts.

The Quandamooka waters we are crossing support a rich diversity of fish, sharks, reptiles, marine mammals and other animals of international importance for conservation. This includes 1154 fish species and 143 coral species. Six of the world’s seven turtles are found here. It is home to an important population of the endangered grey nurse shark.
Resident or visiting marine mammals are plentiful - eight species of dolphin (two resident), five species of whale and the dugong. Quandamooka (Moreton Bay) is one of the world’s last great dugong areas. Look out for dolphins, dugong, or even a whale, as we cross.

At Minjerribah - Yura! We are welcomed by the Quandamooka People with a traditional smoking ceremony. It is apparent we are in a remarkable place, the world’s second largest sand island.
Minjerribah’s neighbour, Mulgumpin or Moreton Island, is the third largest and also part of Quandamooka Country. Further north is the world’s largest sand island, the World Heritage Fraser Island. Gold, Silver and Bronze to Queensland’s amazing sand islands.
Indigenous cultural heritage is found all over Minjerribah and its surrounds. The evidence points to over 20,000 years of continuous occupation and land and sea use by the Quandamooka People. There are currently over 1000 known cultural heritage sites across Quandamooka Country.

This includes shell middens, stone artefact scatters, stone artefact quarries, burials, scarred trees, earthen ceremonial rings, story places, pathways, and stone fish traps. More are being found all the time.
After our welcome we travel to Mooloomba (Point Lookout). In this stunning location, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, we will enjoy a sumptuous lunch.

Our day, including lunch, is catered by specialist Quandamooka chef, Kieron Anderson. Fresh local seafood and Quandamooka tastes of native bush honey, also known as sugarbag, and pandanus palm fruit are supplemented with indigenous flavours sourced from further afield such as quandong, kangaroo, emu egg and native finger lime.
After lunch just enjoy the view or join in optional activities like boomerang throwing, a guided cliff-top gorge walk and wildlife sighting.

Then it’s off to tranquil Bummiera (Brown Lake), a fresh water tea-tree lake, where the Yulu- Burri-Ba Dance Group will interpret traditional Quandamooka songs.
Minjerribah and Mulgumpin contain many similar special habitats, including mangroves, wetlands, freshwater lakes, rainforests and old growth forests.
Their ancient wetlands are unique in such a dynamic coastal environment. They are protected and internationally acknowledged. About 50,000 migratory shorebirds, using the East Asia-Australasian Flyway, turn up at the Quandamooka-Moreton Bay wetlands each year. The Bay also provides habitat for 31 protected migratory wader species.

After a unique day in a unique place, enjoy the leisurely return cruise to the city. Local Aboriginal artwork and gifts will be available for purchase.


Meeanjin to Minjerribah Cultural Day Cruise

. Departing Brisbane City at 8:00am, returning at 5:00pm
. Boat cruise with both Yuggera and Quandamooka guides
. Catering provided, please advise of dietary requirements
. Cultural activities on board including weaving, launguage or didgeridoo
. Welcome to Country - an Aboriginal custom
. Indigenous Dance, Song and Didgeridoo performance
. Learn to throw a Boomerang, and make it come back!
. Local Seafood lunch and other local refreshments
. Wildlife Encounters - including Koala, Kangaroo, Whale or Dolphin in the wild
. Photo opportunities
. Local Aboriginal Art, Souvenir & Gift shopping


Meeanjin to Minjerribah Aboriginal Culture Day Cruise

. $275 per person


Phone from inside Australia - 07 3415 2816 / 0487 123 417
Phone from outside Australia - 61 7 3415 2816
Email - yura@Q-coast.com.au